Making conceptual design, main, detailed design and built design projects


We provide a complete service of architectural building design which consists of making a conceptual design, main, detailed design, built design projects, and obtain the necessary permits.

We make conceptual designs required for the issuance of building conditions (for buildings under 400 m2), and conceptual designs required to obtain a building location permit (for buildings over 400 m2)

We offer a complete service of making the main projects that include (depending on the type of construction):

  • Architectural project
  • Structural design
  • Water supply and waste water project
  • Electricity supply installations project
  • Mechanical installations project
  • Fire protection project
  • Work safety project
  • Cost specification of all projects

We make detailed designs which elaborate technical solution determinated by the main design and built designs required for the legalization of illegally constructed buildings.


According to microclimate, ecological and topographical environmental specifics, the location and program demands, we resolve all the elements of outer area design formatively and very efficiently. 


Our Interior decorating project deals with spatial, functional, technical-technological elements and layout of the building interior. Selection, polychromy, design and artistic processing of materials (floors, walls, ceilings), furniture, lighting, and other elements of technical equipment visually expresses the basic purpose of interior decorating project.


Our team creates also connections to public roads projects as well as access roads projects.